Microbial Community Analysis with EcoPlates™

Microbial communities provide useful information about environmental change. Microorganisms are present in virtually all environments and are typically the first organisms to react to chemical and physical changes in the environment. Changes in microbial communities are often a precursor to changes in the health and viability of the environment as a whole.

Created in accord with recommendations of microbial ecologists specifically for community analysis and microbial ecological studies. Biolog EcoPlates have been found to provide a sensitive and reliable index of environmental change.


The Biolog EcoPlate contains 31 of the most useful carbon sources for soil community analysis. These 31 carbon sources are repeated 3 times to give the scientist more replicates of the data. Communities of organisms will give a characteristic reaction pattern called a metabolic fingerprint. These fingerprint reaction patterns rapidly and easily provide a vast amount of information from a single Biolog MicroPlate.