Phenotype MicroArrays for Mammalian Cells.

Phenotype MicroArrays enable insight and discovery to expedite scientific publications. This is accomplished using 96 well microplates, preloaded with hundreds of KEGG pathway-matched metabolic substrates, and metabolic effectors.

KINETIC DATA CAPTURE AND ANALYSIS OmniLog PM-M software contains a suite of algorithms that work in conjunction with the OmniLog PM-M system and Phenotype MicroArray panels to automate incubation of up to 50 microplates at a user-specified temperature with continuous collection of colorimetric assay data over time. PM-M data analysis programs allow for display of kinetic data, manage and analyze the data, export it in a variety of raw and processed forms, and generate reports.

OmniLog-PM’s PMM Assay Portfolio
• Carbon Energy & Nitrogen Substrates: 367 metabolic substrates. Substrates include carbohydrates/starches, alcohols, fatty acids, ketones, carboxylic acids, amino acids and dipeptides
• Hormones: 45 different hormones each at six different concentrations
• Trace Elements: 22 different ions/cofactors each at four different concentrations
• Anti-Cancer Chemosensitivity: 92 anti-cancer agents each at four different concentrations
• Mitochondrial Toxicity: 8 carbon-energy substrates (associated with diverse pathways, e.g. hexose, pentose, etc.) to distinguish different aspects of mitochondrial activity/dysregulation in the context of chemical/drug screens

Phenotype MicroArrays are a proven method of cellular screening that is beneficial in a wide range of research applications:
• Genotype/phenotype studies
• Cell line characterization and QC
• Cellular metabolism, metabolic disorders, nutrition
• Cell energetics growth and death
• Hormone effects on cells
• Metabolic reprogramming in cancer, Warburg effect, anti-cancer drug sensitivity
• Mitochondrial toxicology in chemical/drug screens
• Stem cells and differentiation
• Cell line and bioprocess development

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