JumboMix® 3500 range

JumboMix® 3500 lab blenders guarantee a quick and accurate blending of large samples up to 400 g. Their robustness and adjustable paddles allow great efficiency for numerous applications.

- Adjustable speed, time and blending strength
- Optimal bacterial extraction in less than 60 seconds
- Adjust the blending chamber according to the size and nature of your sample: the blending strength can vary up to 22 kg thrust

- Sterility tests of disposable products
- Research of Trichinella in meat
- Microbiological/chemical detection in fibrous products
- Industrial mixing (powder, polymer…)
- Ideal for E.coli 0157H7 samples
- Risk assessment in drinking water by microscopic particulate analysis
- Extraction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites (blending of water fibres and filters)

- 3 year guarantee (After registration of the Guarantee form)
- Window door life-time guarantee
- Shock absorbers life-time guarantee
- All stainless steel

JumboMix 3500 VW

3500 mL Lab blender with window door

JumboMix3500 VP

3500 mL lab blender with plain door.

JumboMix WarmMix

3500 mL lab blender with heated door