Petripile ensures safe handling, carrying and storage of Petri dishes. Robust and stable, the Petri dishes storage is well organized with PetriPile. Its ergonomics make it easy to load and organise your incubators, for improved visibility of your Petri dishes.

- Stackable
- Stable and robust
- 304L stainless steel, autoclavable
- Petri dishes easy to see
- Marking zone to identify your Petri dishes
- Easy incubator loading
- Ergonomic with integrated carrying handles
- Allows ventilation between Petri dishes
- Wide range: Ø 55 mm, Ø 65 mm, Ø 90 mm, Ø 150 mm
- Storage capacity from 16 to 36 Petri dishes
- In compliance with ISO 7218 and the GPL (Good Laboratory Practice)

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