DiluFlow Elite 

Gravimetric dilutor 1kg   
Designed for pharmaceutics and cosmetics

The DiluFlow Elite automatically dilutes a solid sample in seconds, with the appropriate weight of diluent, up to a total weight of 1000 g. It offers the best solution to prepare your samples in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as animal health. Its full traceability enables the recording of all operations. 
  • 225 mL in 8 seconds
  • Dilution factor: 1/2 to 1/1000, customisable fractions
  • Dilution accuracy: > 99 %*
  • Max weight: 1000 g
  • Max number of pumps: 2 integrated + 4 external

* in Standard or Accurate mode (in optimal conditions)

For pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg is adapted to small volumes, as required in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Its flexibility enables the preparation of the samples in tubes, pots...

High accuracy
The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg allows an accurate dilution of all sample types from 1 to 20 g (at 1/10th) with an accuracy of > 99%.

Robotic arm and protective plate
The robotic arm enables you to place the sample safely in the bag without risk of cross contamination. Tested for over 1.3 million cycles, its reliability is guaranteed. The protective plate protects the beaker from contact with the sample.