Microbiologists are no strangers to the fact that safety and effectiveness are crucial elements of developing pharmaceutical and personal care products. We created our EZ-PEC™ quantitative microorganisms to help laboratories conduct Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Preservative Efficacy testing with convenience and confidence. It’s a simple solution that can save you time and resources while helping you meet Pharmacopeia and other standards and guidelines.

- Delivers 1.0 x 105 to 1.0 x 106 CFU per ml of product tested
- Strains are less than or equal to three passages from the reference culture
- Ready-to-use format saves time and money
- Refrigerated storage is easy and economical
- Online Certificate of Analysis provides detailed strain information
- Traceability to reference cultures ensures authenticity
- Technical Support experts available for guidance
- Product warranty

Applications and Test Methods
- Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
- Preservative Efficacy Testing
- Applications requiring a high CFU concentration
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Package Details
- 20 lyophilized pellets of a single enumerated QC microorganism
- 10 vials of hydrating fluid (2 ml in each vial)
- Illustrated Instructions for Use

Available products

MB0392-PEC      Aspergillus brasiliensis derived from ATCC® 16404™
MB0486-PEC      Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii derived from ATCC® 6633™
MB0443-PEC      Candida albicans derived from ATCC® 10231™
MB0483-PEC      Escherichia coli derived from ATCC® 8739™
MB0581-PEC      Escherichia coli derived from NCIMB 8545
MB0484-PEC      Pseudomonas aeruginosa derived from ATCC® 9027™
MB0485-PEC      Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus derived from ATCC® 6538™