Parasite Suspensions

We developed our versatile Parasite Suspensions to help labs QC their parasitology diagnostic kits and methods, microscopic examinations, staining procedures, and proficiency programs. Designed to mimic a patient sample for simple control processing, these economical and easy-to-use Parasite Suspensions outperform similar products on the market. They are packaged in a vial containing a 1 ml suspension of a specific parasitic population with known characteristics, formalin and fecal matter. Parasite Suspensions are CE Marked as an In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Device and include a Certificate of Performance which provides detailed information about the parasite.

- Convenient test ready format saves you time and money
- Designed to mimic a patient sample for simple control processing
- Includes a Certificate of Performance that provides a detailed description of the specimen
- CE Marked as an In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Device
- 2 year shelf life
- Room temperature storage

Aplications and Test Methods
- QC of diagnostic test kits and methods
- Microscopic examinations
- Acid-fast staining procedures
- Proficiency tests
- Educational purposes

Package Details
- Vial containing a 1 ml suspension of parasite species
- Certificate of Performance

Available products

MBFP05               Ascaris lumbricoides Parasite Suspension
MBFP02               Cryptosporidium species Parasite Suspension
MBFP03               Diphyllobothrium latum Parasite Suspension
MBFP12               Endolimax nana Parasite Suspension
MBFP13               Entamoeba coli
MBFP01               Giardia lamblia Parasite Suspension
MBFP11               Hymenolepis nana Parasite Suspension
MBFP09               Iodamoeba butschlii Parasite Suspension
MBFP10               Necator americanus Parasite Suspension
MBFP06               Strongyloides stercoralis Parasite Suspension
MBFP04               Taenia species Parasite Suspension
MBFP08               Trichuris trichiura Parasite Suspension