QC Microbiology Slides

Microscopy staining is a tried and true method for examining the cellular morphology of microorganisms. Laboratory best practices should include quality control measures to ensure that staining materials and processes are producing accurate results. We offer a variety of QC Microbiology Slides containing droplets of an air-dried, fixed and preserved organism, or a smear containing a designated organism population.

- Convenient test ready format saves you time and money
- Room temperature storage is easy and economical
- Technical Support experts available for guidance

Applications and Test Methods
- Acid-Fast Stain Controls
- Blood Parasites
- Tissue Parasites
- Intestinal Parasites
- Gram Stain Controls
- Mycology Controls
- Educational Purposes and Training

Package Details
- Each slide contains droplets of an air-dried, fixed and preserved organism, or a smear
- Box of 10 slides

Available products

MBSL40-10          Acid Fast Control Slide
MBSL90-10          Blood Parasite Control Slide
MBSL45-10          Cryptosporidium Control Slide
MBSL50-10          FYC (Culture Isolates) Control Slide
MBSL60-10          MYC-D (Clinical Samples) Control Slide
MBSL41-10          Mycobacterium Control Slide
MBSL70-10          Pneumocystis carinii Control Slide
MBSL75-10          Pneumocystis carinii Two-Well Control Slide
MBSL01-10          S. aureus and E. coli Control Slide
MBSL15-10          SAF-Preserved Fecal Smear Control
MBSL10-10          Zinc PVA-Preserved Fecal Smear Control