Quantitative QC Organisms

Powerful solutions – Many testing applications


Epower is the embodiment of “flexibility is your friend”. You’ll love the versatility of simply using one product for all of your QC needs – from media QC and presence/absence testing to enumeration testing, water testing, and disinfectant testing

Epower CRM™

The ultimate in authenticity. Epower CRM quantitative quality control microorganisms are just one passage from the reference strain.

EZ-Accu Shot™

Provides a fast, convenient and reliable solution for Growth Promotion Testing, Media Challenge Testing and more.

EZ-Accu Shot™ Select

EZ-Accu Shot Select contains the 5 compendial organisms for Growth Promotion Testing, plus E. coli for a total of 6 strains in one convenient kit


These handy kits allow for fast, reliable Growth Promotion Testing. Plus, EZ-CFU microorganisms are just three passages from the reference strains.

EZ-CFU™ One Step

his product is designed specifically for Growth Promotion Testing, Suitability of Tests for Specified Microorganisms, Suitability of Counting Methods and more.


EZ-PEC™ quantitative microorganisms help laboratories conduct Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Preservative Efficacy testing with convenience and confidence.


Spore-forming pathogens can present unique challenges for food laboratories that are conducting tests to detect these contaminants.