ANSR® Listeria Right Now™

Features and Benefits
- Enrichment-free Listeria detection
- Environmental monitoring in less than 60 minutes
- No enrichment means you can conduct Listeria environmental testing in your facility without concern for "growing pathogens"

Product Specifications
- Sensitivity: 4 cfu/swab with 95% confidence
- Testing time: 50 minutes
- Tests per kit: 96

Kit contains:
- Listeria Right Now reagents (96 reactions)
- 96 micro centrifuge tubes
- 96 swabs with Letheen broth
- 96 lysis tubes
- Permanent caps




Less than an hour? How is this possible?

The ANSR Listeria Right Now system is able to detect very low numbers of Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes, from environmental samples without enrichment. The system employs an isothermal, amplified nucleic acid-based reaction to target rRNA. Amplification occurs through a polymerization mechanism by a specific endonuclease. Detection occurs in real-time using a fluorescent molecular beacon.

Ribosomal RNA is present in much greater numbers in Listeria cells than the traditional DNA target (~1000 – 10,000 copies per cell vs. 1 copy per cell for DNA). This can result in a 1,000 – 10,000 fold increase in target analyte concentration.

The isothermal reaction within the instrument produces a constant cycle of molecular replication producing analyte copies much more quickly than traditional PCR reactions which run through a series of heating and cooling cycles.

Summary: Exponentially more targets with a significantly faster cycle time = equals results Right Now

Listeria Right Now™ - 1 hour Listeria environmental test has been AOAC approved! Click here to find out more.

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