Chromogenic Media

Chromogenic culture media provide a rapid and accurate method of isolating and enumerating target micro-organisms based on the detection of specific enzyme activities.

Not only do chromogenic media enable faster detection of specific micro-organisms compared with classical culture media, they also improve sensitivity and can reduce the need for subculture or confirmatory tests.

Lab M®'s Harlequin® range of chromogenic media includes products for the isolation of Listeria species, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Enterobacter (formerly Cronobacter) sakazakii.

Harlequin CSIM (ISO)

Harlequin® Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Medium is used for the isolation of Enterobacter sakazakii from milk and milk product as recommended under ISO/TS 22964:2006(E).

Harlequin E.coli / Coliform Medium

Harlequin® E.coli / Coliform Medium is used for the enumeration of Escherichia coli and coliforms in food and environmental samples.

Harlequin Listeria Chromogenic Agar

Listeria Chromogenic Agar (according to the formulation of Ottaviani and Agosti) is a selective medium for the isolation and presumptive identification of Listeria monocytogenes from foodstuffs and related materials as described in ISO 11290-1:2014.

Harlequin mLGA

Harlequin® membrane Lactose Glucuronide Agar (mLGA) is a medium for the detection and identification of E. coli and coliforms from water samples.

Harlequin Salmonella ABC Medium

Harlequin® Salmonella ABC Medium was developed for the isolation of Salmonella spp. from food and clinical samples.

Harlequin SMAC-BCIG

Harlequin® SMAC-BCIG is a specific substrate medium for the isolation of Escherichia coli O157:H7, the primary serovar associated with haemorrhagic colitis (HC) and haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS).

Harlequin TBGA/TBX (Tryptone Bile Glucuronide Agar)

Tryptone Bile Glucuronide Agar is recommended by ISO 16649 for enumeration of β-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli in products intended for human consumption or for the feeding of animals.