Dehydrated culture media, Membrane & filtration media, and Colitag

Acumedia® from Neogen® is dehydrated culture media (DCM) which has been expanding since 1978 with a range that now extends to over 400 formulations. Acumedia microbiological culture media offers both selective and differential agars to help microbiologists test for specific microorganisms using traditional methodology. Agars and broths are available in ISO/USP/EP/JP formulations for regulatory microbiology testing requirements regardless of your location.

Neogen Filter test system, and NEO-GRID / ISO-GRID membranes are convenient test methods for testing a wide range of liquid samples to detect and enumerate a number of target organisms.

ColitagTM is an EPA approved selective and differential medium to detect Coliforms and E.coli in water samples.

Membrane or filtration microbiological tests

Allows for easy testing of liquid or traditional samples. Utilises filtration, with premade ampoule media, or filter membranes coupled with traditional culture media.


Colitag provides an easy presence or absence measure of coliforms and generic E.coli with minimal equipment.