The line of supplements from Acumedia® improves selectivity, growth promotion, neutralization and other facets of growth media. When preparing culture media where supplementation is necessary, these products are formulated to be easily used as directed.

Buffered Listeria Enrichment Supplement (FDA)
Campylobacter Supplement (Bolton's)
Campylobacter Supplement (CFP)
Cefixime Tellurite Supplement
Egg Yolk Emulsion
Egg Yolk Tellurite
Fraser Broth Base Supplement
Listeria Selective Diagnostic Supplement
Modified Oxford Listeria Supplement
Novobiocin Supplement
Oxford Listeria Supplement
PALCAM Supplement
Polymyxin B Supplement
Polymyxin Ceftazidime Selective Supplement
Tellurite Supplement (1%) Chapman
Tween 80
XLT4 Supplement