Forensics/ Genetics

Forensics professionals have relied on Puritan swabs for clean and accurate sampling for years. Now, more and more researchers are using Puritan's swabs for the sampling of genetic material. Available with foam, flocked, or cotton tips, our DNA-free and RNase-free sampling swabs have been tested by an independent lab to the most stringent standards. The result? The swabs are certified to be DNA-free at a threshold lower than any other swabs on the market today.

Puritan 6" Sterile Foam Tip Polystyrene Wound Measuring Device (DM Stick)

Foam Tip Indented at 0.5 and 1.0 cm with Graduated Measurement Scale Plastic Handle

Puritan 5" Sterile Large Round Foam Swab w/Polypropylene Handle

Large Round Foam Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle

HydraFlock 6" Sterile Standard Flock Swab w/Polystyrene Handle, 80mm Breakpoint

Regular Flock Tipped Applicator and Plastic Handle (80mm Breakpoint)

PurFlock Ultra 6" Sterile DNA-Free Standard Flock Swab w/Plastic Handle & Tube

DNA-Free Regular Tip Applicator with Polystyrene Handle in Transport Tube

HydraFlock 6" Sterile Large Flock Swab w/Polystyrene Handle, 80mm Breakpoint

Large Flock Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle (80mm Breakpoint)

Puritan 6" Sterile Standard Cotton Swab w/Wooden Handle

Regular Cotton Tipped Applicator with Wood Handle

Fab-Swab 5" Sterile DNA Controlled Mini-tip Cotton Swab w/Wood Handle & Tube

Fab-Swab (Filtered Air Breathable) DNA Controlled Tapered Mini Cotton Tipped Applicator with Wooden Handle