HydraFlock 6" Sterile Large Flock Swab w/Polystyrene Handle, 80mm Breakpoint

Large Flock Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle (80mm Breakpoint)

- A new era in flock swab technology. HydraFlock provides superior collection and release of specimens. The unique microstructure of Hydra’s multi-length fibers are designed to enhance rapid absorption and quick release of biological specimens.
- For buccal cell collection
- Forensic evidence collection and DNA testing
- Rapid diagnostic testing
- Specimen collection Large flock tip for maximum absorbency
- Tip material is comprised of polyester bicomponent fiber
- Polystyrene handle with breakpoint at 80mm
- Individually wrapped in paper/poly pouch
- Patents: US 8334134, 9279747; Canada 2,744,282; Europe 2263548; Australia 2010341422; Japan 2012-522818; China PCT/US2010/002155 Patents Pending: Hong Kong 11106293.8
- Made in USA