Opti-Swab 1ml Liquid Amies Transport Medium w/ 6" Sterile Elongated Flock Swab

1ml Liquid Amies Medium Filled Vial & Sterile Elongated HydraFlock® Applicator

- Ready-to-use Transport System
- For the collection and transport of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria
- Used in bacterial culture, rapid tests, gram staining, automation and molecular testing
- Advanced kit design is easy to use and reliable
- Self-centering cap is leak-proof and facilitates easy swab removal and disposal
- High-performance swab tip features patented
- HydraFlock swab with molded breakpoint designed to accommodate nose, throat, vaginal, rectal, and wound sampling sites fast, safe, and convenient
- HydraFlock swab: 25-3506-H Soft tip for patient comfort
- Premium medical grade plastic components to improve product shelf life
- Shelf life - 18 months
- Made in USA