FCMS Management System

Varcode’s FCMS™ is a comprehensive tracking, reporting and alert system to effectively manage the cold chain. Used alongside our FreshCode™ Time-Temperature recorders, FCMS enables a manufacturer, 3PL or retailer (or all three!) to define and implement an effective cold chain monitoring process. The flexible architecture allows for almost any quality / safety requirements or for almost any supply cold chain structure.

At the set-up of the cold chain monitoring program, Varcode will assist the customer to define the users, profiles, alerts, products, readers, sites and other parameters that allow FCMS to fit the customer’s process. From there, the customer can easily administer and adjust the program by themselves.

FCMS is a cloud-based, SAAS solution. Varcode has embedded a high level of security into the system in order to protect the potentially sensitive data.

- Cloud based: easy access nearly anywhere the FreshCode™ labels need to be monitored.
- Permissions-based alerts available by email or SMS.
- Ability to configure different responses and actions for different events, conditions or users.
- Ability to assign specific package and profile characteristics to each label for Track & Trace.
- Different profiles (e.g., chicken, fresh fish, milk, vaccines, etc. or English, Spanish, German, French) each configurable with rules for actions and alerts by specific users.
- Support for simultaneous messaging in 12 languages (based on each user’s profile).
- Rich reporting tool with flexible, filterable results.
- Easy to integrate into existing customer systems.
- Supported by Varcode’s world class IT development team.

- Quick implementation: No need for lengthy internal systems development.
- Flexible set-up: Rules-based design enables data capture across the different companies, locations and devices
- Flexible alerts: Permissions-based approach enables configurable alerts to different user types and locations.
- Comprehensive: Establishes traceability and accountability throughout the supply chain.
- Secure: Highly secure platform. Each customer’s data is private.
- Scalable: Cloud-based architecture ensures high-performance for programs of any size or location.
- Fast rollout: Implementation with minimal training and without needing new hardware.
- Integratable: Can be easily integrated with the customer’s own IT system.