Readers & Devices

The Varcode FreshCode™ solution leverages industry standard readers and equipment so that implementation is easy and there is no need to purchase new equipment. The FreshCode solution supports Android or Apple smartphones and tablets, any 1-D or 2-D barcode reader connected to a PC, or Portable Data Terminals you may already be using in your supply chain. Participants across the supply chain can easily interact with the Varcode solution to capture data, receive alerts, make decisions, and ultimately ensure a safe cold chain for the product.

- Readers and Devices Varcode supports a wide variety of user devices to scan FreshCode™ labels: USB or other plug-in barcode scanner with a PC and standard browser
- iOS app on Apple smartphone or tablet (available on the App Store)
- Android app on smartphone or tablet (available on Google play)
- Windows CE or similar Portable Data Terminals (such as the Motorola HC700)

- No new equipment: Use devices already in place in the distribution cold chain.
- Minimal training: No need to learn how to use new devices.
- Scan and make decisions anywhere: Apps available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
- Immediate feedback: No need for plugging in and downloading to determine what action to take.