Our Mission

"To assist Australian Scientists access the best technology the world has to offer, with the support of local know-how."

About us

Cell Biosciences is an Australian company dedicated to providing Australian microbiologists innovative technology that would otherwise not be available, supported by a commitment to provide industry leading customer and technical support.

In September 2009, Cell Biosciences was appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for Biolog Inc. Biolog provides innovative products for microbiology and cell biology based on comprehensive analysis of cellular phenotypes.

In February 2010, Cell Biosciences was appointed the exclusive Australian distributor of Pro-Lab Diagnostics . Originally established in 1974, the Pro-Lab Group of companies is dedicated to the provision of high quality, cost effective immunodiagnostic products.

From June 2011, Cell Biosciences became the sole distributor of the Neogen microbiology products, including the Acumedia range of Culture Media, and the Reveal, Soleris and GeneQuence platforms for the detection of food pathogens.

Cell Biosciences will continue to work with its customers in order to identify products from around the world to suit their specific needs.

Please contact Cell Biosciences to discuss any issues you are currently trying to resolve. We will work with you to find a solution.