Research into Human, Animal, Plant, and Environmental Microbiomes has exploded recently and new tools are being developed to study these communities, the types of microbes present, as well as the dynamics (stability or variability) of the communities. While metagenomic studies have revealed immense diversity, additional tools are required to understand the community structure, function, and their interaction with host environments.

Biolog has unique solutions and choices for metabolic profiling of bacterial communities, as well as individual strains of interest, including those that are anaerobic or microaerophilic.

Microbiome Analysis Using Phenotypic Profiling
  • Provides a different perspective on microbiomes based on metabolism which may predict the phenotypic behavior better than metagenomic sequencing
  • Detects changes in the relative metabolic rates of various substrates (polysaccharides, sugars, proteins, amino acids, carboxylic acids, fatty acids)
  • Detects changes in the relative sensitivity to anti-bacterials and other toxic compounds
  • May be used to examine other important aspects of microbial communities such as toxin production
  • Is easy to perform in 96 well plates pre-coated with metabolic substrates or inhibitory chemicals