MT2: User Defined MicroPlate

The MT2 MicroPlate™ provides a standardized micro method for performing up to 95 carbon source utilization tests in a single panel. The user has complete flexibility in selecting the carbon sources and in configuring the tests within the panel (for example by row or by column). Biolog’s MicroLog™ 2 or MicroLog™ 3 software may be used to construct a customized database to identify or compare specific strains based on their metabolic patterns in user-defined MT2 MicroPlates™.

Biolog MicroPlates™ test the ability of a microorganism to utilize or oxidize compounds from a preselected panel of carbon sources. The test yields a characteristic pattern of purple wells which constitutes a “Metabolic Fingerprint” of the test organism(s).

A 96-well microplate designed to test the ability of the inoculated microorganism suspension to utilize (oxidize) a panel of different carbon sources. Each well of the panel contains a tetrazolium redox dye and a buffered nutrient medium that has been developed and optimized for a wide variety of bacteria. Unlike other Biolog MicroPlates™ however, the carbon sources have been omitted so the wells in this regard are “empty” (MT). For biodegradation studies, this provides the user with flexibility in selecting an array of appropriate carbon sources. At the user’s discretion, carbon sources may be added either before or after inoculating with a cell suspension. Volatile and hydrophobic carbon sources can also be used in this panel. Ideally, about 0.3 mg of carbon source (e.g. 15μl of a 2% stock solution) should be added to each well, however utilization of much lower levels (e.g. 20-200 ppm) can often be detected.

Potential uses of the Biolog MicroPlates™ include – bioremediation studies, either pure cultures or mixed cultures such as direct environmental specimens can be easily tested against a set of xenobiotic chemicals to see which chemicals can be metabolized and to compare their rates of utilization, and for metabolic research, a single bacterium can be tested against any set of carbon sources, or a single carbon source can be tested against any set of bacteria of interest.

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