Culture Media Growth Promotion Testing - Simplified

17 august 2021


Test-Ready Quantitated Reference Strains

Suitable culture media is the foundation of accurate microbiological QC results in any laboratory. That's why the USP chapters on Growth Promotion Testing (GPT) are so critical.  EZ-Accu Shot™ quantitated challenge organisms are known for making GPT quick and easy.  

Here are 3 ways EZ-Accu Shot™ simplifies GPT:

Instant-Dissolve Pellets
EZ-Accu Shot™ pellets are instant-dissolving and deliver 10-100 colony forming units (CFU) per 0.1 ml inoculum after rehydration. No additional prep needed.

No Freezing Required
EZ-Accu Shot™ reference strains are made in a lyophilized pellet format. They are shipped at ambient temperature and stored at 2-8°C. No need for freezing at any point.

All the Strains You Need
EZ-Accu Shot™ is available in over 40 authentic ATCC®* derived strains, making it the largest line of test-ready controls for GPT. We also offer custom controls made with your environmental isolates or objectionable organisms.