Sanitation/hygiene is integral to food safety, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries. In a food processing facility, undesired, microscopic substances can change the appearance, taste, and safety of food. Likewise, in healthcare facilities, undesired microorganisms in patient rooms or on surgical equipment can spread infection. Charm Sciences provides ATP tests that allow customers to check for cleanliness on the microscopic level in a quick, cost-effective, and objective manner. These tests are performed in seconds and enable immediate remediation if needed.

1. Quick results in only 5 seconds.
2. Superior Sensitivity with the novaLUM II-X technology.
3. Wet and dry surface verification.
4. Integrated data management software to track, trace, and trend results.
5. Room-temperate stable swabs for up to 12 months.
6. Recyclable components for reduced waste.