food & Beverage

The Charm E*Colite test is used to screen water, foods, and juices for coliform and Escherichia coli. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved “bag” test provides a positive or negative result in 28 hours for coliform and 28 to 48 hours for E. coli in compliance with the Total Coliform Rule. The “vial” test provides a positive or negative result in 24 hours for coliform and 24 to 28 hours for E. coli.

The E*Colite media used in both the bag and vial tests enables detection of a single coliform and/or E. coli bacteria in a 100 ml sample. Food samples such as milk and juice are diluted in water for testing. The E*Colite media is formulated to resuscitate and detect chlorine-stressed coliforms that may be found in drinking, bottled, and food/beverage waters.

Read results visually by examining the color. A negative sample is yellow. Coliform presence is indicated by a blue color, which is easy to see, especially in turbid, or rust and heterotropic-bacteria contaminated waters. Blue with fluorescence at 366 nm indicates the presence of E. coli. To ensure operator and environmental safety, the E*Colite bag test includes a bactericide. When activated, the bactericide reduces the growth of microorganisms in preparation for disposal.

1. Screens for coliform and E. coli in 28 to 48 hours for bag test; 24 to 28 hours for vial test
2. Self-contained bag test is EPA-approved for compliance monitoring under the Total Coliform Rule
3. Detects a single coliform and/or E. coli in 100 ml of water
4. Detects disinfectant-stressed coliform/E. coli
5. Provides easy-to-read visual results