For over 35 years, INTERSCIENCE has been providing high-quality equipment for microbiology, especially designed for quick and safe analyses, and quality control. We offer a large range of products, from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration, for the food and agro-food, medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
Microbiology work flow solutions from sample collection, dilution, homogenisation, pipetting, filtering, dispensing, plating, all the way through to media incubation and colony counting.

BagSystem® - Blender bags

A full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample before it’s microbiological analysis. Blender bags for microbiology are used for the homogenizing and analysis of any solid sample, and especially adapted for food, medical, veterinary and environmental samples. Filter bags are preferred because the filtration of the sample is made during the blending, providing a particle free sample for easy pipetting and colony counting.

Gravimetric dilutors

DiluFlow Elite, DiluFlow Pro and DiluFlow are high-tech gravimetric dilutors. They automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluant. All the dilution and distribution protocols used in labs are available

Lab Blenders

BagMixer® are highly efficient lab blenders for solid sample preparation. With a blender bag, they guarantee optimal microbiological extraction in less than 60 seconds and eliminate all risks of cross contamination. 11 models available for most applications (from 5 mL to 3500 mL) - MiniMix® 100, BagMixer® 400 and JumboMix® 3500

BagMixer Packs

Set your lab up with great equipment, a BagMixer® 400 and all the accessories you need to do your lab blending, with a range of packs to suit your laboratories need. Starter, Classic and Premium packs available.

Lab accessories

A complete range of accessories for safe and efficient laboratory work. BagTools will help you organize your samples, carry and store them with no risk of cross-contamination, before and after analysis.

Dispensing pumps

FlexiPump is a range of peristaltic pumps for culture media preparation. A great tool for serial dispensing of culture media, agar or any liquid diluent, the units are compact, have an intuitive interface and great ergonomics. Speed and precision guarantee efficient sample preparation. FlexiPump technology is available in 2 models:

- FlexiPump, with the essential functions

- FlexiPump Pro, for a high-performance dispensing

Automatic diluter and plater

easySpiral Dilute® is a two in one automatic diluter and plater with full traceability. It allows you to do 5 x serial 1/10 dilutions and automatic plating on 1 single Petri dish, with a countable range of 30 to 1x1012 CFU/mL. No more hours of dispensing tubes, autoclaving and washing tubes, no more pipette calibration. So much quicker than any other lab routine, it guarantees you increased accuracy

Automatic Spiral platers

The brand new easySpiral technology, developed exclusively by INTERSCIENCE, performs automatic plating of your sample on a Petri dish in just 25 seconds with a defined, decreasing concentration. Replacing up to 4 dilutions and significantly reducing media and petri dish requirements as a result. Available in two models.

Automatic colony counters

Entirely developed by INTERSCIENCE’s R&D department. Scan colony counters offer exceptional reliability for high-performing, rapid colony counting and inhibition reading with full traceability.

Manual colony counter

Scan 100 is a manual colony counter with a LED lighting system and an ergonomic hand rest. It provides optimal colony counting on all media. Its USB port ensures traceability by exporting the results without prior software installation and with an error-free export of data.

Plate & Count System

The Plate & Count system with automatic diluting, plating and colony counting is now the perfect solution when it comes to meeting efficiency and traceability requirements for microbiological analysis. Boosting your lab efficiency with top-of-the line technology made in France, easySpiral Dilute innovative automatic diluter and plater, dataLink traceability system and Scan automatic colony counters. This fully automated system facilitates easy plate identification and traceability, with accurate results.

Real-time incubator and colony counter

ScanStation is a real-time incubator and colony counting station centralizing incubation, detection and counting of 100 Petri dishes. Plates are automatically checked (and recorded) for growth every 30 minutes, with results available in 8 hours.

Inhibition zone readers

The Scan inhibition zone readers were designed to test the sensitivity of a bacterial strain, via disc diffusion of an antibiotic and the resulting zone measurement, to confirm susceptibility or resistance. They offer quick and traceable results in compliance with CFR21 and EUCAST.


BAGSYSTEM is a full range of products for the quick and safe preparation of the sample before its microbiological or chemical analysis.

Autoclave deodorants

Anabac is a range of perfumed autoclave deodorants. Placed in the autoclave, they eliminate the bad smells due to autoclaving, and replace them with a pleasant, subtle perfume for great work comfort.