Traditional, and innovative culture based systems to detect and enumerate a wide range of organisms from your samples.

Neogen Filters and Ampoules

Black and white filters, used with a vacuum to capture organisms from liquid samples. After the addition of an ampoule of the required growth media the unit converts to a Petri dish for incubation.

Acumedia® Dehydrated Culture Media

Over 400 formulations, formulated to meet regulatory testing requirements. Includes, agars, enrichment broths, peptones, hydrolysates, ingredients and supplements.

Actero™Enrichment Media

Rapid, single step pathogen enrichment medium from FoodCheck Systems. Actero™ Enrichment media is optimised to give the shortest culture based pathogen enrichment times, in a single enrichment step, compatible with any pathogen testing system.

Puritan Microbiology Media Products

Application specific ready to use media, for direct sample addition, designed to be compatible with leading automated laboratory systems.