Microbiologics are the leading provider of ready-to-use QC microorganisms for quality control testing in the clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water and educational industries. With over 900 strains available in a variety of user-friendly formats, they offer the largest and most diverse line of QC microorganisms including qualitative, quantitative, Certified Reference Material and Parasite Suspensions.

Microbiologics products are manufactured in accordance with the industry’s highest standards and have achieved ISO 13485 certification, as well as ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditations. In addition, they are an FDA registered establishment and offer many CE Marked products.

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Qualitative QC organisms

Helping microbiologists spread culture

Quantitative QC organisms

Powerful solutions – Many testing applications

Molecular QC Standards

Positive Controls for Molecular Assays

QC sets and Panels

All the required QC strains for your lab’s microbial detection/identification system are already combined in one convenient panel

Microbiology QC Slides

Microbiology Slides for a Variety of Testing/Training Purposes

Parasite Suspensions

Simple, Reliable QC Testing for Parasitology Diagnostic Kits and Methods