Acholeplasma laidlawii derived from NCTC 10116

Cell Bio Catalogue number: MBHE1156E

Designed for use in molecular testing for mycoplasma, Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards Genomic DNA Extracts include purified DNA from the most common contaminating species.
- Species verified by 16S rRNA gene sequencing
- DNA extracted and purified from low passage, NCTC 10116 strain PG8T
- Genome copy number determined by qPCR
- Dried DNA Preserved with Biomatrica DNAstable®
- Not intended for clinical use

Each Kit Includes:
- 1 vial with at least 106 copies of Genomic DNA Helix Elite™
- Molecular Standard Water for rehydration
- Instructions for Use
- Detailed Certificate of Analysis