Neogen’s Food Safety Division develops and markets diagnostic test kits and complementary products (e.g., dehydrated culture media) sold to food producers and processors to detect dangerous and/or unintended substances in human food and animal feed, such as foodborne pathogens, spoilage organisms, natural toxins, food allergens, genetic modifications, ruminant by-products, meat speciation, drug residues, pesticide residues and general sanitation concerns.

The diagnostic test kits are generally rapid, easier to use and provide greater accuracy and speed than conventional diagnostic methods, to help ensure the safety and quality of food, nutraceuticals, and nutritional supplements.

Sanitation Verification

Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced ATP system’s new innovations allow for better functionality and service than ever before. These innovations include the new Advanced samplers, which feature a chemiluminescent reaction in a liquid-stable solution. In addition, AccuPoint Advanced has been approved by the AOAC Research Institute as part of their Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) program. As the first sanitation verification system to receive such an approval, Neogen has set the industry standard for sanitation verification devices.

Indicator/spoilage organism tests

The company’s Soleris® and BioLumix® rapid microbiology systems provide reliable results faster – impacting operations by moving products and people faster. While waiting on microbiological results has been the standard, Soleris and BioLumix takes the same reliable media-based methods, and makes them considerably faster — saving hours and days.

Mycotoxin tests

Neogen's Reveal® Q+ MAX tests feature a common water based extraction that enables users to test for 6 mycotoxins from the same prepared sample. The Reveal Q+ tests are fully quantitative lateral flow tests offering simple and accurate results in only minutes. Agri-Screen® and Veratox® mycotoxin test kits provide screening and quantitative ELISA-based tests for aflatoxin, DON, fumonisin, zearalenone, ochratoxin and T-2/HT-2 toxin. Neogen’s line of rapid mycotoxin tests has more official approvals than any other company.

Seafood and Shellfish Toxins

Neogen® markets and develops the greatest variety of simple, on-site, rapid, easy-to-use seafood and shellfish tests. These tests allow companies to test for harmful toxins and residues throughout the supply chain

Food allergen tests

Neogen offers screening and quantitative food allergen test kits to detect tree nuts, almond, egg, gliadin/gluten, hazelnut, casein, total milk, mustard, peanut, sesame, crustacea, soy, and walnut residues. Neogen’s food allergen tests can detect the target allergen in ingredients, liquids, clean-in-place rinses, finished foods, and on environmental surfaces. Neogen Reveal 3-D food allergen kits are easy-to-use and interpret strip tests that screen samples for the detection of trace levels of specific food allergens in 10 minutes or less. Neogen’s Veratox for food allergen kits are quantitative tests that compare up to 19 samples at a time against 5 test controls.

Rapid Pathogen Tests

Neogen’s rapid pathogen diagnostics provide solutions for Campylobacter, E.coli O157, Listeria species, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella species, and STECs. ANSR® a molecular microbiology for the shortest time to results of any pathogen platform.
Reveal 2.0 immunoassay to accurately and quickly identify if the target pathogen is present. Neogen Reveal 2.0 is available as an all-inclusive kit that requires minimal equipment to perform. GeneQuence® uses DNA hybridization technology which can be paired with automation technology for the low-cost test method in a high-throughput laboratory operation.

Dehydrated culture media, membrane & filtration media, and Colitag

Neogen’s Acumedia® subsidiary has been recognized since 1978 as a premier manufacturer of high-quality dehydrated culture media for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, food safety and life science applications.