NG-Test MCR-1

Specimen: Culture  | Format: cassette | Packaging: 20 tests | Storage: 4-30°C | Shelf-life: 24 months | Cat. Ref: NGB-MCR-S23-002

About MCR Genes, an Emerging Threat

The mcr-1, mcr-2 and mcr-3 genes cause resistance to colistin, a last-resort antubiotic used for treating resistant infections. Colistin is considered a last-resort antibiotic because while it can be used to treat patients with infections that have already developed resistance to other antibiotics it can have serious side effects. (Source: CDC).

Performance Characteristics

Detection limit
The detection limit was determined using purified recombinant enzymes MCR detection threshold: 300 pg/mL.L 

Validation on a reference strain bank
NG-Test MCR-1 was evaluated on 44 clinical strains at NRC Kremlin Bicêtre-Paris (AMR French Reference Center), 117 clinical strains at ANSES-Lyon (National Health Security Agency) and 123 clinical strains at CNR-Clermont Ferrand. (Reference National Center).


A total of 284 strains were evaluated
Sensitivity : 100% Confidence interval 95% : 96,3% to 100% Specificity : 98,3% Confidence interval 95% : 95,3% to 99,4%

Considering targeted MCR-1 enzyme, all results were correlated to the genotype of strains deter- mined by PCR analysis. NG-Test MCR-1 detects some MCR-2 variants.