Sterile aspirating head for TRIO.BAS™ air samplers


1. The sterile Daily Shift aspirating heads (DSH - sterile Daily Shift Head) avoid the sterilization process necessary for stainless steel aspirating heads.
2. The sterilization is proven by an official certificate. This document is requested by regulatory authorities.
3. The double irradiated sterile packaging allows the users to constantly have an aspirating head ready for use.
4. The transparency of the sterile Daily Shift is useful to ensure that the culture plate is inserted correctly in the aspirating chamber.
5. Useful for customers within industries such as agro-food industries, dairy, catering, HACCP, beverage, cosmetic, sewage treatment plants, outdoor environments, primary and secondary schools, pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms, biotech, hospitals, clinics, microbiological labs, HVAC building monitoring, environmental labs, healthcare ambient monitoring, health authorities.
6. Suitable for all TRIO.BAS air samplers.
7. Shelf life: 6 years from the date of sterilization.