Microbiological sampler to test quality of Air/Nitrogen/CO2 compressed gas used in Cleanroom
  • This device is developed to test the presence of micro-organisms in compressed gas samples (air, nitrogen, CO2, Argon) supplied from tanks and pipes under pressure.
  • The 100 lt/min flow rate of FLUGAS System is guaranteed by a flow regulation system controller by the operator via a calibrated flow meter.
  • The system includes ASPIGAS chamber and the results are recorded manually. Optionally, the test can be performed with a TRIO.BAS 100 lt/minutes and the records are automatic.


  • FLUGAS System consists of:
    - stainless steel compact base 
    - analogic calibrated vertical flow meter
    - stainless steel AISI316 bell chamber
    - on/off valve and a regulator for flow rate
    - ASPIGAS chamber with Aspirating head    
    - digital timer
  • The system is compliant with ISO Standard 8573-7 and ISO 14698.
  • If the FLUGAS System is used in combination with ASPIGAS chamber, the test is manual and the time is calculated by a digital timer.
  • All the components of the FLUGAS System are autoclavable (excluding the vertical flow meter and timer).
  • Input pressure: 1 ÷ 10 bar
  • Size 21x17x5H cm. (with flow meter 32,5H cm) Weight: 1.38 Kg. (with flow meter 1.97 kg).

  Cell Bio Catalogue No.   Details
 OR597 FLUGAS System Petri - with flow meter, ASPIGAS chamber, aspirating head Petri and digital timer
 OR598 FLUGAS System Contact - with flow meter, ASPIGAS chamber, aspirating head Contact and digital timer