Tests microbiological quality of compressed air/gas used in cleanrooms. To be used with ASPI Gas chamber or TRIO.BAS instrument


1. The TRIO.GAS guarantees that product contact air is contamination free within sterile or aseptic manufacturing facilities (e.g. cleanrooms).
2. Useful for customers within pharmaceutical, cleanrooms, food and dairy industries.
3. The system is according to ISO Standard 8573-7 and ISO 14698-1.
4. Before passing through a TRIO.BAS air sampler, the air flow from the compressed supply is regulated by an autoclavable flow meter.
5. All sampling data is transferred via Bluetooth (if using a TRIO.BAS air sampler) to a tablet/smartphone or via Bluetooth to PC by required software according to GMP and GLP.
6. When TRIO.GAS is used in combination with a TRIO.BAS air sampler, time is regulated by the software of the air sampler.
7. When TRIO.GAS is used in combination with ASPI Gas Chamber, the test is manual and time is regulated by a timer counter.   

  • Made in AISI 316 rated stainless steel
  • Totally sterilizable via autoclave with no disassembly required
  • Volume of aspirated air: 100 litres/min
  • Volume of aspirating air: 100 or 200 l/m
  • The aspirating chamber is suitable for 90 mm Petri dishes or 55 mm Contact plates
  • Fully compliant according to ISO 8537-7 and EN/ISO 14698-1 FDA
  • Dimension: 40x18x25h cm
  • Weight: 5.290 kgs
  • Built in ISO 9001 premises