Two performances in one instrument (EASYGAS + VERITEST): compressed gas test and check of the precision level of flow rate at regular intervals

VERIGAS is a complementary instrument for TRIO.BAS air samplers. VERIGAS consists of:
• a digital control unit with tube to connect the bells chambers.
• a stainless steel bell chamber with an on/off valve and a regulator for gas pressure test
• a technopolymer bell chamber to control the air flow rate during the routine activity VERIGAS can be used with TRIO.BAS, AIRBIO and MULTIFLEX air samplers.



  • The system VERIGAS (EASYGAS+VERITEST) works by measuring the pressure’s variation generated by air sampler while air is aspirated through a bell-shaped aspirating chamber (in stainless steel for EASYGAS and in technopolymer for VERITEST) applied to the head of the sampler. A differential pressure sensor measures that variation and compares it with the reference values.

    1. For EASYGAS the gas or air flow from compressed supply is regulated by the connected digital control unit which works as a flow meter before passing through the microbial sampler.
    2. For VERITEST the result appears at the end of the test. Displayed on the control unit as: OK (the air sampler is still calibrated), or WARNING or ERROR (the air sampler is not calibrated within calibration specifics)
  • The EASY GAS checks that product contact air is contamination free within sterile or aseptic manufacturing facilities like Cleanroom
  • Any air sampler is easily and aseptically connected to the output of compressed gas
  • Before entering the aspiration head of a TRIO.BAS air sampler, the air flow from the compressed supply is regulated by a flow valve
  • All the sampling data are transferred via Bluetooth or cable (depending on the TRIO.BAS model used) to a PC by a dedicated software according to GMP and GLP
  • 1.000 litres of compressed air/gas impact on the 90 mm agar culture Petri dish or Contact plate to collect the microorganisms
  • Compliant according to ISO standard 8573-7 and ISO Standard 14698-1
  • It can be used in combination with TRIO.BAS, AIRBIO and MULTIFLEX air samplers
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) available from Application Notes


  • For EASYGAS, the bell chamber, the valve and the regulator are in AISI 316 rated stainless steel. The bell’s gasket is in silicon. All autoclavable
  • For VERITEST the bell chamber is in technopolymer
  • Volume of aspirated air: 100 litres/min for EASYGAS – 100/200 litres/min for VERITEST
  • Compact and easy to transfer
  • Suitable for 90 mm Petri dishes or 55 mm Contact plates
  • Operates with a 1,5V battery (no main power connection)
  • Size: command unit 120x80x80 mm
  • Stainless steel bell diam. 80x200 h mm – weight 1200 gr.
  • Tecnopolymer bell chamber diam. 100x110 h mm. – weight 300 gr.
  • Built in ISO 9001
  • I.Q., O. Q., P.Q. documentation
Cell Bio Catalogue No.   Details
 OR599 VERIGAS – for compressed gas test and air flow rate check - with digital control unit, s/s bell chamber for Easygas, technopolymer bell chamber for Veritest, connection tube and robustus carrying case