To check, at regular intervals, the precision level of air flow rate 


1. VERITEST is a system that, instead of the auto calibration already present in the air sampler, it checks the precision of the air flow rate. This check is necessary to avoid invalidation of the tests between annual controls for official certification.
2. Useful for customers who are GLP/GMP for pharmaceutical, cleanroom and biotech industries
3. VERITEST is a manual system thus the results need to be reported in a document validated by a quality controller.
4. VERITEST is suitable for all air samplers and satellites.
5. Size: 12.5x5h cm.
6. This system works by measuring the depression generated by the air sampler while air is aspirated through a lid (aspirating bell) applied to the aspirating head. A differential pressure sensor measures that depression and compares it with the set value stored in the TRIO.BAS™ sampler under test. The results appear at the end of the test, on the LCD of the TRIO.BAS air sampler. Results are displayed as: OK (the air sampler is calibrated), WARNING or ERROR (the air sampler is not calibrated within calibration specifics).
7. Built in ISO 9001 premises.

  • Aluminium aspirating bell chamber
  • CE mark
  • Command data unit
  • Volume of aspirating air: 100 or 200 l/m