Vacutest Kima

VACUTEST KIMA group is proud of its reputation for excellence gained through thirty years experience in the production of disposable laboratory ware.

Through the consolidation of all premises into one major production area, the target of creating an industrial focus where it is possible to meet all the market's expectations has been wholly achieved: from the construction of the moulds, using the latest production equipment in our machine shop, to the injection of disposable products. Our extensive laboratory is utilized in the manufacture of pre-poured petri dishes with medium and other bacteriology products.

VACUTEST KIMA is also manufacturer of test tubes, containers and needles for vacuum collection. We would like to express our thanks to both our existing and new customers for having made VACUTEST KIMA a firm leader in the local and in the foreign market of disposable laboratory products.


Swabs in test tube
Swabs and test tube with culture medium
swabs and test tube with culture medium - plastic stick

Vacuum collection system

Urine collection accessories
Urine collection tubes
Urine collection kits

Vetriplast Counting chambers

Conventional plastic slides used to test urine and other biological fluids frequently incorporate raised counting grids to facilitate the measurement process.