Solabia White Paper - Achieving consistency through modern peptone manufacturing

Peptones and hydrolysates are used as major components in fermentation media, diagnostics or cell culture supplementation. They have experienced widespread success in these areas but the most frequent criticism regarding their use has been inconsistency batch-to-batch, necessitating media adjustments or frequent reformulation by the end users.

The Solabia Group has demonstrated through statistical analysis of batch results, that this reputation may not apply to all sources in all circumstances. Through significant achievements in peptone production, encompassing all aspects, including animal separation, raw material selection, process developments and the positive evolution of manufacturing equipment, peptones can be produced that are highly consistent, a major step in correcting a prevailing misconception.

Batch results for Tryptone and Soy peptone are analyzed with low observed coefficients of variation for several essential parameters, demonstrating high levels of consistency. In addition, heavy metal dosage and contamination levels via Total Viable Counts are examined that lend further support to the absence of variability and the positive impact that a modern approach to producing peptones can have on both product and applications at the customer level.

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