From the routine to the specialised, identification tests from Achromobacter to Zygosaccharomyces.

Biolog MicroLog Identification

Using the latest generation redox chemistry identify aerobic Gram Negative and Gram Positive bacteria using the same test panel, without the need for gram stains or other pre-tests. The Biolog GENIII database is designed to cover diverse disciplines of microbiology.

Biolog Phenotype Microarray

With OmniLog, and Biolog PM plates you can measure and compare thousands of cellular phenotypes in a single experiment to determine the effect on cells of genetic differences, environmental change, and exposure to drugs or chemicals.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Salmonella Antisera (Kauffmann-White classification), Shigella Antisera and Legionella pneumophila DFA reagents. Oxidase and Spot Indole reagents to aid in organism identification.